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12-27-2016 3:23:10 AM CST

Well, Christmas is over and we are entering the New Year 2017. All my past Craft shows are done for the holidays this year of 2016. Did very well this year and now have to get ready for next year 2017    .


11-10-2016 10:16:29 AM CST

My Craft Show at Gloria Dei Lutheran School went very well for me. I had a great time with this show. I even won the Raffle a STAR-WAR Fleece Blanket. All the Vendors had free Breakfast and Lunch. I would come back to this event.


10-30-2016 3:09:44 AM CST

My thoughts for today! I Love the Christmas Holidays at this time of the year. It is one of my favorite year around getting ready for my craft events. I continue to crochet with passion all year round. Ready for 6 holiday craft shows this year 2016. Just had my first craft show done and it had over 100 craft vendors at this high school. I was told last year was a great experience for all who participated last year was in one room. This year everyone was spread apart from the main area big room and two seperate east and west gym rooms.I happened to be in the east gym room which did not have alot of action. This high school is a very big from the main area to the other two rooms is a long distance. Many of the vendors were disappointed this year and it did not go so well as they expected. I had a few sales but all and all no traffic. My display was very beautiful and attractive but as a vendor we take our chances rather there is no action or action. Has anyone experience a bad craft show? I did good but others did not. Please share yours and comment. Thanks!